Only the Best Will Do

Working with properly maintained kitchen tools in your own home lets you flex your culinary muscles while saving money.


It’s Good for the Environment

Reject the throwaway culture!  Keep your knives sharp, out of the landfill and pass them on to the next generation of chefs in your family.


It’s Good for Your Wallet

A quality, well cared-for knife or tool is like a classic item of clothing.  You invest in them once and enjoy them for a lifetime.

It’s Safer

Dull knives cause accidents.  They don’t grab properly, they’re more likely to wobble, and they’ll hurt you or someone you love.  Be sharp!

It's Easy

I want to keep house calls alive!  Enjoying sharp kitchen, garden and workshop tools should be convenient.  With The Chef's Edge it is.

 It’s Good for Your Health

Eating in lets you control the ingredients.  You’ll be feeding yourself and your family beautiful, pure food prepared with love (and ease!)


It’s Better For Your Lawn

A sharp mower blade cuts grass cleanly, uses less fuel and energy, and promotes lush grass growth.  For best results, sharpen twice per season.